Online Appeals Eligibility

Brazos Central Appraisal District began offering Electronic Filing of Notice of Protest to qualifying property owners of residence homesteads in 2013.


Section 41.415(g) – An appraisal district is NOT required to make the system required by this section available to an owner of a residence homestead located in an area which the Chief Appraiser determines the factors affecting the market value of real property are unusually complex or to a property owner who has designated an agent to represent the owner in a protest as provided by Section 1.111


In determining the properties which would be eligible for an electronic protest the Chief Appraiser considered the location and overall property value.  After much consideration and analysis, the Chief Appraiser determined that the following thresholds be used in determining the properties that would be eligible for electronic protests this year:


  • Residential – Property must be a residential property whose owner has not designated an agent to represent them.


  • Market Value of a property – Higher valued properties are typically more complex to value than lower valued properties. Therefore, the Chief Appraiser set the value threshold of eligible residential properties at less than $400,000.


  • Location – The Chief Appraiser set the sample size to include neighborhoods located within subdivisions as properties within an abstract with various acreage amounts are typically more complex.


As we have been providing electronic protests for several years now, we have gained experience and continue developing new analytical tools that have enabled us to expand the criteria to make the system available to more property owners.


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