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Tax Payments

All property tax payments must be made out to:

Kristeen Roe, Brazos County Tax A/C

Payment may be made in person or by mail to:

Brazos County Tax Office
4151 County Park Ct.
Bryan, TX 77802

Payments cannot be made to the Brazos Central Appraisal District. All payment received at the Appraisal Districts will be returned to the sender.

2015 Low And Moderate Income Housing Capitalization Rate

Pursuant to Sec. 11.1825(r) of the Texas Property Tax Code, the Brazos Central Appraisal District gives public notice of the capitalization rate to be used for tax year 2015 to value properties receiving exemptions under this section. Rent restricted properties vary widely. These variations can have an effect on the valuation of the property. Basic capitalization rates ranging from 8.5 to 10.5% will be used to value these properties; although adjustments may be made based on the individual property characteristics and the information provided to the chief appraiser as required under Sections 11.182 (d) and (g), Property Tax Code.

Business Personal Property Rendition

Texas law requires businesses to annually report their business personal property assets (inventory, machinery and equipment, furniture and fixtures, computers, vehicles, vessels, aircraft, etc.) to the appraisal district in which the property was located on January 1. This report, which the Texas Tax Code refers to as a “rendition” is due by April 15 and must be on a form approved by the state comptroller. Failure to file a rendition, or filing it late, subjects the business owner to a 10% mandatory late filing penalty. Filing of a false rendition, or a deliberate attempt to evade taxation, results in a mandatory civil penalty of 50% of the taxes found due and possible criminal prosecution. Additionally, business personal property that is not rendered is subject to back assessment as omitted property.

Please contact the Personal Property Department of the Brazos Central Appraisal District at 979-774-4100 for additional information concerning the filing of your rendition.